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Deliver the most innovative green hydrogen technology leading to an circular & autonomous raw material use and zero emission society

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We provide fully customized electrochmical MEA solutions to increase efficiency and scalability of PEM electrolyzer.

e|MEA Membrane

Our 5-layer eӏMEA Membrane Electrode Assembly configuration offers several advantages over traditional MEA designs in proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers:

Ultra low raw materials

With e|MEA we solved the dependency of the scarce material Iridium to build 20 x more electrolyzer witghout PFAS coating.

Low capital costs

Our innovative plasma based production process reduces costs of up to 50% for the MEA and is key for scaling the PEM electrolyzer production.

Material durability

Material durability
Our technology solves the durability with the new 5 layer approach contact resistances stay low and the three phase boundairy is optimized


Together with our partners we are able to scale fast and in line with our customer while keeping quality high.

Elementarhy uses deep technology to make green hydrogen scalable & competitive. We customize & produce the elementary component of an Electrolyzer the Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) with strongly reduced critical raw materials, absence of PFAS and impressive performance.

We offer fully customised e|MEA for kw to MW scales

Our Services

Plug & Play

100% tested after production with no installation effort at customer site and possibilitie to order the sealing in a 5 layer MEA

Flexibility & Customisation

The modular nature of our eIMEA allows for flexibility and customization in electrolyzer design and operation. Manufacturers can tailor the composition and configuration of each layer to meet specific performance requirements, operating conditions, and scalability needs, optimizing system performance for various applications and environments


We provide for all products raw material recycling to reduce the long term costs and environmental impact


With more than 15 years of expertise in electrochmical processes we support you on the journey to reach your performance goals

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