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We use deep technology to make green hydrogen cost efficient.


We develop, build, and recycle the elementary component of the electrolyzers, the membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), which transform volatile renewable energy into hydrogen by splitting water.

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Green hydrogen production is one key element on the way to a zero emission society.


To mitigate the impacts of climate change, we need to decarbonize industry & transportation immediately.
Therefore our claim is to deliver the most innovative green hydrogen technology leading to a circular & autonomous raw material use and zero emission society.

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We deliver the elementary part to make this happen!

OUR Solutions

We enable scaling of green hydrogen by providing customer centric MEA Solutions to improve PEM Electrolyzer cost efficiency and scalability with strongly reduced critical raw materials, absence of PFAS and best in class performance.

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About us

elementarhy has its roots in basic science since 2013 through collaborations with the Leibniz Institute of Plasma Science and Technology, the University of Copenhagen, and the University of Bern, and it is validated by the German Aerospace Center.

In 2022, as the energy supply in Europe nearly collapsed, the founders, Arne Birth and Dr. Gustav Sievers, aimed to make a change by increasing energy security and sustainability through green hydrogen production.

Built upon revolutionary technologies and energy management, elementarhy was created. Today elementarhy is an independent company funded by the German Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, dedicated to supply electrolyzer manufacturers with cost-efficient and scalable Membrane Electrode Assemblies.

Dr. Gustav Sievers, CEO

Arne Birth, CFO/CMO

Our international team is united by a common desire to have a positive impact on global challenges with technology and an entrepreneurial spirit – more (H2) from less (Ir).


The Leibniz Start-up Prize 2024 goes to the spin-off elementarhy of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology in Greifswald. Elementarhy produces membrane electrode assemblies (MEA) for electrolysis plants for the production of green hydrogen and helps to significantly reduce the use of expensive raw materials. The prize money of 50,000 euros is intended to support the market entry phase.


We strive for long-term Partnerships along the H2 value chain.

elementarhy is in partnership with BMWK, H2UB, EEHH, INP . We work in an industry that is based on trust. elementarhy is a progress driven company with high work ethics and a professional team of experts is supporting us in setting new standards.

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All our partners are crucial to success and we highlight a few of you to show our gratitude.

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